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Happy 34th birthday Angel Coulby! ♥

Happy 34th birthday Angel Coulby! ♥

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Boy, your best excuse is filled with doubt to me.

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Fangirl challenge | [5/10] friendships

"You’re on my crew."

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Because you may have Native blood, but do you have the heart to pump it?

If a person of colour tells you that what you’re wearing is offensive then don’t wear it.

Disclaimer: This comic only applies to those [“you” meaning those who wear headdresses where it does not apply to them or their culture, hense cultural appropriation] or have in some way done offense in the term of cultural appropriation and this post was created specifically for said people in order to perhaps gain a better understanding of why cultural appropriation is offensive to many Native Americans [and to whom it applies within any person of colour] and strictly for educational purposes. This post does not mean to offend those who have done some sort of act of unintentional offense to Native Americans in the past by means of cultural appropriation and presently understand the offense that was made and regret it.


Give us a little taste of the Irish accent. Very impressive.

…Alright. I’ll tell you a joke in my Irish accent (x)


If you defend a guy for his nudes getting leaked (“aw it’s okay we still love you1!1!1!!!”) but then shame a girl for her nudes getting leaked (“what a slut she shouldn’t have taken them in the first place!!1!1!!!”) I hope you step on many lego pieces at once.

I was kind of joking, but kind of not joking about MJ. And I was like, ‘What if MJ is a dude?’ Why can’t we discover that Peter is exploring his sexuality? It’s hardly even groundbreaking!…So why can’t he be gay? Why can’t he be into boys?

Andrew Garfield thinks it’d be cool if Spider-Man swung a different way. (He also wanted MJ to be played by Michael B. Jordan.)

He’s so charismatic and talented. It’d be even better—we’d have interracial bisexuality!”

When EW later mentions the idea to Webb, the director says, “Michael B. Jordan, I know.” Oh, so he’s heard this too? “Uh, are you kidding?”

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DARA: “Dara’s mic vs Mino’s mic #YGFamily2014GalaxyTour #PowerInShanghai#Doomdada”


DARA: “Dara’s mic vs Mino’s mic #YGFamily2014GalaxyTour #PowerInShanghai#Doomdada

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Laverne Cox stanning for Beyoncé at the VMAs

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Someone here knows how to find chaos.   Black Widow #009

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Asian actors with no accents. Black actors with British accents. British plays with people of color in roles other than housekeepers. Women in lead roles where they don’t fawn over any men. Latino actors in lead roles where they don’t have to be downtrodden. Gays and lesbians in lead roles where they don’t have to cry. South Asian and Middle Eastern actors in lead roles not about terrorism.

Qui Nguyen, on what off-Broadway needs now (via fuckyeahgreatplays)

And Hollywood too

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fucking yeeeessss

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I want  to see this. look at her leather outfit tho

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